Custom Soap Manufacturing

Looking for custom production and higher volumes?

We are the industry leader in short-run natural soap bar manufacturing.

We've helped hundreds of brands develop and launch customised natural soap bar lines.

  • Customized bar soap scents, colors, and sizes
  • Fully packaged product ready to sell as your own

What Can We Build For Your Brand?

Order Size Per Blend Per Order*
1. Ideas and Formulation

1. Ideas and Formulation

We start with a phone call to learn about your business and soap goals. From there, we’ll work with you to refine your product concept.

2. Prototypes and Approval

2. Prototypes and Approval

Through our test batch process, we’ll build on our work together from step 1 and turn these ideas into physical samples for your review.

3. Packaging Development

3. Packaging Development

We’ll advise and guide you through packaging design and options for procurement.

4. Quoting and Setup

4. Quoting and Setup

Once the soap recipes and packaging solutions are decided, we can finalize your quote and move to production.

5. PO and Production

5. PO and Production

Now you can relax. We’ll produce your soap just as you want it and ship it on time to your warehouse or 3PL partner.

  • Custom Bar Soap

    • Multiple size options ranging from 25g to 150g.
    • Minimums as low as 48/blend for naked bars, or 480/blend for bars with fully customised packaging.
    • Full scent & color customization
    • Custom packaging options
  • We're the right sized company.

    We speak small business. Whether you need 1,000 units or 20,000, we'll take the time to get to know you and your business to make sure we develop the right product for you.

  • Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility.

    Do you have 6 soaps to produce and need different quantities of each? No problem. Need 15,000 bars with complex packaging? No problem. Need a quick run to refill your stock? We can help with that too.

  • Proven production.

    Our custom soap clients include skin care brands of all sizes and genres, celebrities, promotional companies, and many others in between. We have the right solution for your project ideas.

  • Reliability.

    We ship on time. Full Stop. At Specialty Soap, natural soap bars are all we do, so you can depend on us to get it right.