Specialty Soap Pty Ltd handmade soap

We are a family operated business located in the beautiful South East Queensland. We ship our beautiful cold-processed soap bars across Australia and to many parts of the globe.

Our handmade soap bars are made from scratch using natural ingredients. Our soap is scented with only luxurious pure essential oils. We also add goats milk, honey and clays for an extra special touch of luxury and natural botanicals for exfoliating texture. We add no chemicals, phosphates, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens. ABSOLUTELY NO NASTIES!

Our soap making process

In our handcrafted soap we use the cold process method in which all our ingredients are mixed at low temperature. This process retains all the natural goodness of the base oils and essential oils. During saponification a large quantity of natural glycerine is produced which remains in the final bar of soap.

Why we use essential oils in our handmade soap?

Essential oils are a true miracle of nature and have been used since the beginning of time to treat, heal and soothe physical, emotional and spiritual ills – bringing balance to mind, body and soul. It is the fine science of combining these oils and balancing their unique properties, which allows us to bring the benefits of nature to our handcrafted soaps. And, they smell DELICIOUS!

Basically, Mother Nature provides the ingredients, we just create the ‘recipes’.

Why we use clay in our soaps?

Clays have been used to benefit the skin since ancient times. Minerals are absorbed through the skin to clean, nourish and soften. Our beautiful clay soaps will help moisturise the skin, remove dead skin cells, revitalise the complexion and remove toxins from your skin.

Where does clay come from?
Australia’s ancient geology provides us with a huge range of minerals. Clay is a natural resource taken from the earth’s crust. Over millions of years of weathering, rocks are broken down into smaller and smaller particles, forming into clay.

What’s so special about honey in our handmade soaps?

Honey soap looks great, has a fabulous scent, is excellent for moisturising dry skin, clearing acne and eliminating bacteria of the surface of the skin.

Honey contains vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that are excellent for the skin and helps the skin absorb and retain moisture. Lastly, honey is known for it’s healing abilities and antibacterial properties. It kills bacteria on the surface of the skin that cause infections and body odour. We use only fresh, raw honey harvested from our own hives to ensure quality & traceability.

What are the benefits of using natural handmade soaps?

Natural cold-process soap does not strip your skin of its natural oils the way commercial soaps can. In handcrafted, natural soap the moisturising glycerin remains in the soaps. Our soap bar is truly 100% natural from start to finish. You can feel the difference! When you use our soap, you are nourishing your skin, not drying it out. The lather that our soap creates is extremely creamy and bubbly and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Treat yourself today and find out how good natural cold-process soap can be to your skin.